Heralded as a competitor of Google Glass, the Japanese company Telepathy raised $5 million and moved its headquarters to Sunnyvale, CA more than three years after TelepathEye Inc. was founded in the same space, geographically and technologically. According to an article on FastCompany, the prototype Telepathy One is clunky, clumsy and uncontrollable. But that didn't stop the VC fund Firsthand Technology Value from investing.


05/20/2016 1:16pm

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06/24/2017 12:45am

It was not surprise for me seeing the new product launched by Telepathy. I mean, they are a Japanese company known for its great inventions. Ever since, I knew that they would come up with this invention in the right time, and it finally came! The fact that they are doing this with a purpose is also impressive! There's no reason for me not to adore Telepathy!

07/12/2016 9:28am

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09/07/2016 11:41am

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11/03/2016 1:40am

What has been created this year? Do you have some new reviews?

04/08/2017 4:54am

Oh, this is so old. Now we all have VR glasses ;)

11/21/2017 11:36pm

They are everything for the people who needed them.

11/22/2017 2:08am

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