The first point made in this article is critically important for Google and other developers of "smart glasses". If the device doesn't actually do something a handheld can't do, consumers don't need it. The prospect of putting a handheld on someone's wrist or face so they can walk around talking to the device and pushing buttons on it is not innovative. It's iterative. And pointless.

Three Reasons Not to Buy a Samsung Smart Watch
"I have no interest in the Gear. Here's why."



03/04/2014 8:26pm

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08/01/2017 8:49am

Just like you, I also do not have the interest to buy Samsung's Smart Watch. I can sense that its price is way more than its value. I don't want to waste money for a simple watch when I can buy more affordable ones than that. As a consumer, we shouldn't be after the brand, especially if we do not have that much. We have to be a smart buyer as much as possible especially nowadays!

03/04/2014 9:35pm

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10/18/2015 11:39pm

I have my Samsung smart watch and I am not so satisfied with it. The reasons that have mentioned are very realistic.

10/29/2015 12:18am

I didn't heard these things about Samsung smart watch. This article really increase my knowledge & also got the negativity of it.


The mentioned link is very valuable for public because it contains some realistic facts about Samsung Watch.


I really like this technology. Now a day I am searching some extra ordinary information about eyewearables.

04/06/2016 1:04am

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09/25/2016 3:31am

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