Eye tracking glasses, as the name implies, track the eye movement or pupil position of the wearer and processes this information. The eyewear is developed with integrated cameras tracking eye position, and may include an outward-pointed camera capable of capturing the view of the wearer. Eye tracking glasses are traditionally used for research, but some companies are developing approaches that enable eye-gaze commands by tracking eye position in concert with a projected menu, allowing the user to perform computing functions and transmit text, photos and video simply by gazing. Contact EyeSpeech LLC or the manufacturers below to determine the availability of these devices.

ASL Mobile Eye-XG
The Mobile Eye-XG eye tracking glasses were designed to record eye movement of wearers whose vision follows objects normally in their environment. According to ALS, "the sleek and robust Mobile Eye-XG glasses combined with ASL's analysis software offers researchers a complete solution that displays easy to interpret visulizations such as gaze plots, scan paths, and heat maps." The glasses include  two digital high resolution cameras, one that records the scene image and the other, the participant's eye. These images are then integrated into a single video recording representing the scene with a superimposed gaze cursor. The data is then stored on an SDHC card or can be configured to send the real time data wirelessly to a remote work station. Researchers can view the real time data while the participants perform their task.

Recon Instruments Jet
The Jet was designed for athletes and other active users who want their mobile content in real-time and hands-free, including social media and messages. It resembles sunglasses with an extension arm that displays projected content below one eye. The device includes a dual-core CPU, touchpad, GPS with onboard gyroscope, accelerometer, magnetometer, altimeter and thermometer. The device features IR gaze detection, and the extension arm has a built in HD camera with a microphone and speakers. The lenses are polarized to eliminate glare, the battery is removable and the entire device weighs 60 g.

SensoMotoric Instruments (SMI) SMI Eye Tracking Glasses
Eye Tracking Glasses were designed by SMI as a mobile eye tracking device with 60Hz binocular sampling rate. According to the company, the all-in-one solution measures visual behavior in real-world situations and covers the whole process from study design and data recording to efficient analysis.

TelepathEye TextSpecs
The TextSpecs™ are a patented invention that allow the user to rapidly select alphanumeric characters and other symbols from a projected virtual menu by processing eye gaze commands. The commands enable the user not only to author text messages but to transmit and receive them, hands-free and voice-free, making TextSpecs the most advanced smart eyewear and the only product capable of realizing the potential of wireless. TelepathEye has patented this technology to enable the wearer to receive, capture and transmit photos and videos as well as text, by integrating an outward-pointed cam into the device.

Tobii Technology Tobii Glasses
Tobii Glasses were designed as an, unobtrusive and efficient mobile eye tracker (head- mounted eye tracker) for capturing natural behavior in both qualitative and quantitative real-world research. According to Tobii, the device includes a pair of eye tracking glasses, a recording assistant and, optionally, infrared (IR) markers for automated generation of aggregated eye tracking data from several test subjects. "The discreet, ultra-lightweight design ensures natural behavior and research validity," according to the company.

(courtesy http://www.activeantiglare.com)